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Welcome to the website of the Internal Combustion Engine Group of Politecnico di Milano.

The Internal Combustion Engine Group (ICE Group) is one of several programs at the Dipartimento di Energia of Politecnico di Milano; six faculty members, plus several non-permanent Researchers (Graduate Research Assistants, Ph.D. students and Post-Docs) work together for research projects, advise graduate students, teach courses and write technical/scientific papers and textbooks based on their activities. The group activities focus on the study of combustion, propulsion systems and energy systems; fundamental research involves the study of gasdynamics, combustion and pollutant emissions, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, sprays, chemical kinetics, noise reduction. Models are implemented in advanced one-dimensional (GASDYN) and multi-dimensional (LibICE under the OpenFOAM(R) technology) fluid dynamic numerical codes for the finite volume solution of complex flow problems. Developed codes and libraries are applied to improve the understanding of physical phenomena and to guide the experimental activity of engine designers towards promising configurations, in order to shorten optimization, development and prototyping times of new internal combustion engines. The mission of the ICE Group is to provide industry and research labs with opportunities to participate in original, leveraged research in focused thrust areas. The ICE Group also provides educational opportunities for graduate students, and therefore it is an excellent source of potential employees for Companies.

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